1. I found myself thinking interesting thoughts as I began to work my way through your latest set of posts. And this is a wonderful thing, Markus, because it is similar to what I find myself doing when I open a new photo book or enter a museum to see an exhibit. There’s an anticipation of the emotional mood I know you work will bring to me. And here, this image, is the first one I see today, is EXACTLY what I expected. What a wonderful thing that is. Your subtle use of color. Do you shoot RAW or JPEG? Do you de-saturate after the shot is captured? Just curious.

    1. Chris, from the logs I saw you’re back at home again – so you definitely must be jet-lagged again. What a trip, round the globe in a bit more than two weeks!

      Thanks for your praise! It is very welcome, especially at this moment. You know, I try hard to bring at least a bit of coherence into my photographic ramblings, and not rarely I am not content with it. It’s a constant struggle, but that is what probably makes creative work real work.

      Re. the image: nothing special here but the Olympus OM-D’s delicate rendering of nuances, of course from RAW, and very subtle sharpening. As the scenery was already evenly lit and the fog ate much of the colors, further desaturating was unnecessary.

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