1. Not sure what would inspire someone to add that image, but at least the teal color works nice against the flame of the leaves, making a nice photo.

    1. John, there’s a widespread sense for provocation and verbal radicalism. Lucky us if that recedes when the kids grow more mature.

    1. I guess the intensive color was already attractive when the leaves were still green, but together with that fiery red it really pops.

    1. Chris, in the leaves I turned down exposure to avoid too bright and washed out spots, and this of course intensified the colors. But overall here I am more than content with that tiny Panasonic 14mm (= 28mm-e) – its weak spots are backlighted subjects.

  2. If the leaves are the only explosive result related to this “bomb”, then all is well. Suffice to say, this photo “pops”…as it should.

    1. Thanks, Phil! I am not all that lucky about graffiti and tags everywhere, but sometimes their aesthetic qualities can’t be denied.

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