1. … and I almost cut his head. As the image was a bit tilted, I had to rescue the upper left corner by cloning a bit of wall and window parts. A narrow escape…

  1. The observer in the window is like the Greek chorus who observes and comments on the scene below. Why would people choose to eat at McD in a country that added so much to the culinary arts? Your scene is an Italian tragedy.

    1. Jeff, the Italian youth is probably as (not) reasonable as everywhere else – the ‘in’ things count, and too much deliberation is not in that category. So they follow fashion… and don’t realize what losses their culture suffers. But as I said: this is not specific Italian. Here at least it allows a picture with some depth.

      1. Markus, you are correct about this scene allowing you to compose a strong photo. In fact it is a wonderful photo. American collage student also eat at McDonalds, but then they don’t have the strong food traditions of Italy. The McD trend is world wide, so I shouldn’t be surprised to see it in Turin. If trends continue the best Italian food may be found in Italian neighborhoods of New York and Chicago.

        1. Jeff, this is just city life: if you go to the Italian countryside (preferably to non-tourist areas) many parts of daily life culture are still intact, with all advantages and drawbacks of course. But the food – often nearly perfect.

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