1. It’s funny. Betty Boop was a cartoon figure here in the states. She was replayed on early television in my youth. She is meant to be a flapper from the Roaring 20s. I was born in 1946 and had a vague idea about flappers. Younger people lost interest in her as newer and more modern and colorful cartoons came along (Betty Boop cartoons were all in black and white). Somehow Europe, or at least France and Italy, seem to still love her. A lovely series of pictures from Italy.

    1. James, I am certainly from the post-Betty-Boop generation (and the word flapper I had to look up in the urban dictionary. Oh the wonder of the internet!) Italy certainly was and is design-affine and lifestyle oriented, and nowadays it seems to be quite easy to cater for a niche’s needs.

      Yes, Torino has a special feeling to it, and admittedly I was caught completely off-handed. But I quickly adopted to this place, and my eyes started feasting before and after the bread job’s chores.

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