1. This is a nice tidy fence – would be a little bit boring without the weeds and the bushes who seem like they try to escape.

    1. You see, Juha, those city suburb dwellers don’t perform as well any more as in the good old times, where bushes were neatly cut along laser sharp lines 😉

  2. A lesser photographer than you would have used the “Hand-pulled dust-grain photogravure” instagram filter 😉

        1. No, they haven’t. Surely, there are lenses and sensors and the like, but not cameras, in spite of enabling you to take something like a picture. They are more like electronic Holgas. (The iphone is different, image quality in good light seems to be on par with cameras. But I don’t want to buy any A*!?e product.)

          1. *schmunzel*
            I take up to five photos per day with my smartphone. Yes, I can’t control anything. Yes, I am clumsy with releasing a pseudo-shutter on a touchscreen (see my “photos my smartphone took without me” on the scrappress). Yes, I can’t really compose a frame with only an lcd display and no viewfinder. Yes, it mostly is overexposing. Yes, you can’t take a photo that’s not noisy even if there is only a small cloud before the sun. Yes, it’s wide angle which it totally not my cup of tea. But you know what? It’s the camera that I always have with me and it keeps me sane to document the daily surrealism I encounter through my daily work life. And hey, if the spirits are really low I can always arrange the battle of Gummibears vs. M&Ms on the desk in my office and take pictures :-D.
            However – the smartphone makes snapshots. No more and no less. Photos you rarely look twice at but who work right in this moment and this place. You should see my mini-series “Art in the Office” ;-).
            Different means for different purposes. Having fun is the most important point.
            And no, no fruit crap for me, either.

  3. Without doubt there are images that work maybe even *because* they are made with a phone (as there are working Holga pictures). You are right, having fun is important to get the creative juices to flow.

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