Stormy Monday

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Krk, Croatia

At least the storm itself was not as bad as it looks here. Years ago in such a situation my wife and I spent a long hour clinging to the tent poles in order to prevent the winds from blowing the tent away.


  1. Beautiful cloud details, I love the storm at the bottom of the frame. Excellent composition, it creates great mood and atmosphere.

    1. Thanks, Tony. Even if the rainfalls and wind didn’t make me happy (can’t sleep at night in a camper when there’s bad weather), photographically it was definitely attractive.

  2. Du hast diesen attraktiven Wolken den notwendigen Raum und die Freiheit gegeben, grossartig eingefangene Stimmung!

    1. Walter, danke! Du weisst schon: Wenn das Leben dir Zitronen anbietet, mach Limonade draus… Es war sicher nicht das Wunsch-Urlaubswetter (zumindest für die Familie), aber photographisch war schon was geboten!

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