1. Yes, they do. And that there was only a small number of tourists in town (and none in the picture) made up for a really relaxed experience.

    2. Yes, John, and that not-so-deep blue sky provides an adequate backdrop, while the powerlines cross out the danger of cliché

  1. I really like all the lines and patterns of the buildings and power lines. The flowers are a nice little accent, and the curve of that tree over the doorway is quite nice. I have to ask if you made a closeup of the door and tree, perhaps with the flower pots?

    1. Tom, I didn’t – I was transfixed by that opposition of old shapes in the door, tree and flowers vs. the new zigzags of the power lines. But then, the light was not ideal for such a close up, and I didn’t have the patience to wait for the light providing some more details on the door, too.

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