Fresh Salad in Poljica

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Poljica, Krk, (google maps)

In the small Taverna Tri Maruna we ordered salad with our meal, and to our great joy the cook came out of the kitchen, went over into the small garden and came back with fresh cut salad, which was 5 minutes later on our table. Perfect!


    1. John, like so many other things, this was a gift. Not unexpected, as we were there already two years ago, but rewarding to the fullest and relaxed. Perfect.

  1. Selbstangebaut & slow food soll es sein. An Holztischen den Sommer geniessen. Dann schmeckt es & tut gut. Und dieses Bild macht Lust auf so viel mehr.

    Viele Grüße & weiterhin sichere Straßen, Fritsch.

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