1. This is wonderful. All sorts of mysterious things happening. The shadowy figure on the left balances with the murky woman with camera…remember Pierce’s “only two pictures we all make?” This isn’t ‘someone standing in front of something,’ this is definitely, ‘what the hell’s going on here?’

    1. Thanks, Carl! Needless to say that I didn’t see it as such when I was framing it, it was more along the lines of “there’s something, fleeting, so press the shutter now”. But then, that’s part of my photography, that going with a gut feeling, that sensing if something is there. It can turn out right, but there’s no warranty. The difference to painting, I think, where you can deliberately move into one direction or the other, where you can complement elements. But I like to live with that photographer’s way of working, and I am really quite bad when it comes to staging things.

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