June Wallpapers – Cliché Alert

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Krk, Croatia

The June wallpapers are available for download from here as usual.

What might easily look as a cliché was taken during a pause in the completely atypical cold and wet supposed-to-be-summer weather. The decision to use that one day with blue sky for a walk on the olive trail from Krk to surrounding villages was a good one, and a half day of photography finally gave me that image of an olive grove.


    1. Ha – two days we had! But there was at least some recovery before rains and winds set in – and do and did continue here 🙁

    1. Thanks, Cedric! Clichées are certainly environment dependant – the Australian sensitivities in that regard would probably astonish the Europeans. Nevertheless I enjoyed that garden scenery and I didn’t see any possibility to picture it in a better, less cliché-laden way.

    1. Chris, maybe it’s similar to chocolate truffle: once in a while it can be delicious, while too much of it in a row makes the stomach revolt 😉

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