Chair, Revisited

Biennale, Venice

Wonders of the internet: google’s image search gave me the name of the designer of these chairs: Ross Lovegrove.


    1. Thanks, Jeff. I too found them very appealing – not too much trying to curry favor, but in their near-nature forms soothing for the eye and the Bauhaus-weary.

  1. Dein Minimalismus l├Ąsst mich jedes Mal wieder sprchlos bewundernd vor Deinen Kompositionen stehen. Ein famoses Bild, Markus!

    Viele Gr├╝├če & weiterhin sichere Stra├čen, Fritsch.

    1. Florian, ich hab’s als Gnade empfunden, sehend zu sein. Das passiert selten, aber wenn, dann ist es umso erf├╝llender.

  2. What powerful asymmetry Markus… it’s like an unresolved melody filled with energy to make my imagination close its story.

    1. Thanks, Ted! You’ve found a wonderful lyrical description for this image. Sometimes I, too, have the feeling that a picture can “sing”, but I never found words for it.

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