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  1. I was hoping you might show some photographs of the paintings. It’s even awe inspiring looking at the photos, I wonder how you felt standing in front of them.

  2. … and, Martina, it was a complete surprise: My friends, one from Zimbabwe, one from Munich, didn’t tell me a single word! So my mouth literally fell open … and after a short while the photographic part of the brain kicked in and made me record what I saw.

  3. Looking at those paintings… it makes you wonder how many jpeg’s and mp3’s will still be around in 5000 years…

    1. Hmm, in relation to the small number of humans then and guessing the multitude of (slowly done) paintings they may have created – maybe we will be not too bad after all? No, just kidding, most probably there are not much things as volatile as lumps of bytes.

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