May Wallpapers – Post No. 2000

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Domboshava, Zimbabwe

For download as usual from here. Again not late!

And: this post is reason to (modestly) celebrate: It marks post #2000, if the wordpress counters are correct (maybe they aren’t perfect, but I don’t really care).

A lot has changed from my first posts in 2006, sparse at that time, but there’s continuity, too: commenters from the first years have stayed and greatly supported my development, so my thanks go out to Andreas, Carl, Martin and Thomas, to name just a handful. And of course new have come, and whilst this blog is still a quiet place in terms of pageview numbers, it delights me every day and I truly enjoy to share my images with all of you out there in the same way as I enjoy the pictures you share with me, with us. As I relish photography more than ever, if nothing goes wrong, it won’t take seven years until post #4000.


  1. Congratulations on a real milestone!

    The terrain in this photograph looks quite amazing. Certainly different than what I’m used to seeing!

    1. Thanks, Tom! The landscape was different from anything know to me, too, and I enjoyed it very much. I probably could have spent days there, especially the early morning hours, but alas, a business trip is not meant to provide time for photography. So I was happy with what I got.

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