Illusion Room


Biennale Venezia

Please note that I’ve added an image to each of the two last posts, too. Maybe you want to have a look.


  1. I’ve been deeply enjoying the photos from the last several posts both for subject matter and composition, but also because of the superb job you G3 is doing capturing these low light images. Are you doing any post-processing to speak of?

    1. Earl, re. postprocessing I just follow my standard procedures: up to ISO 1600 the images rarely need noise reduction unless they are severely underexposed. What I do is that I almost always replace the standard unsharp masking with an edge-sensitive wavelet sharpening plus local contrast enhancement when necessary. All work is done in Corel AfterShot Pro, which is the only professional choice in my Linux environment. But up to now it provides what is needed.

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