1. This is stuff that could be printed large and sold for a million dollars, complete with an artist statement, something like this:

    “His works question the conditions of appearance of an image in the context of contemporary visual culture in which images, representations and ideas normally function. Shapes are dissociated from their original meaning, by which the system in which they normally function is exposed. Initially unambiguous meanings are shattered and disseminate endlessly. By putting the viewer on the wrong track, he uses references and ideas that are so integrated into the process of the composition of the work that they may escape those who do not take the time to explore how and why these images haunt you long after you’ve seen them. His works are often about contact with architecture and basic living elements. Energy (heat, light, water), space and landscape are examined in less obvious ways and sometimes developed in absurd ways. By studying sign processes, signification and communication, his works references post-colonial theory as well as the avant-garde or the post-modern and the left-wing democratic movement as a form of resistance against the logic of the capitalist market system. His works are a drawn reflection upon the art of photography itself: thoroughly self-referential, yet no less aesthetically pleasing, and therefore deeply inscribed in the history of modernism – made present most palpably in the artist’s exploration of some of the most hallowed of modernist paradigms. With Plato’s allegory of the cave in mind, he makes works that can be seen as self-portraits. His works establish a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our existence.”

    (Thanks to Automatic Artist Biography Generator, via The Landscapist.)

    1. Juha, thanks! This is exactly what I need as artist statement for our current exhibition. I guess it will loose nothing of its meaning when I babelfish it into German 😉

  2. Artist Biography Generator?? Cool… Need to give that one a spin.

    But nice shot, anyway. Very clean, so to speak…;)

    1. In Venice they never drop washing from the lines. In the channels it might decompose immediately! So squirrel will have to stay nekkid…

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