Leaving The House

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Venice, Calle Saoneria Dorsoduro (osm)

Having been deprived of car traffic for only two days, at that day it felt completely normal for me that you can run out of the house into the street without having to look left or right. Impossible in our cities, but in Venice, this is just the regular situation.


  1. Very dramatic with the interior light spilling in your direction. I imagine it was a quick opportunity shot. I think the picture could have been a bit better if the motion blur on those exiting the doorway were more controlled, but still a great shot.

    1. Yes, John, that definitely was a quickly passing situation. I tried it after the ladies had gone, but without people it’s too static. What I might try is emphasizing the motion blur even a bit more to work out the static/movement difference.

  2. I wrote a comment to this post, but the interwebs ‘et’ it and I can no longer remember it, except that it was nice, and thoughtful.

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