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    1. … and it was quite surreal, believe me! That Saturday morning, only a small number of people was in the streets, so I was all alone with the dog and the abandoned cart.

  1. Great balance between the ‘dog’ and the cart. Nice colouring overall and details in the architecture. Very nice.

    1. Thanks, Tony. I think it’s a nice proof, too, that Venice is not photographed to death, in spite of the millions of shutter clicks this town has to hear every day.

    1. Jeff, the light after a rainfall is often delicious – my old habits of waiting for sunshine to go out finding pictures have completely changed in that respect. And with the combination of cart and graffito I was simply lucky – but aware. The bitter irony is that the image is still ruined sharpness-wise, as I had managed to introduce camera shake… To show it on the web it’s ok, but not for a reasonable print.

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