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  1. I love the outside toilet. Humourous and well spotted. Excellent composition, nice straight lines and very well balanced. Draws the eye in to explore all those nooks and crannies..Well done.

  2. Tony, Venice certainly is one of the most photographed spots on earth. But there are still sceneries to discovery, mostnly not typical for this city only, but combining Venetian colors, shapes and textures with, like here, something surprising. That way I enjoyed my strolls very much.

  3. Perhaps after the tenth man using the corner for relief the house owners thought it might be better this way … … …

  4. Markus, I had to laugh out loud when I saw this scene. I’d worry some of those “desperate tourist” would be happy to see, and perhaps use, this convenience as they explored the alleyways of Venice. Great catch!

    1. Earl, during daytime the place was populated enough so an extreme desperation level would have been needed… My guess is that this toilet bowl just waited for a garbage collection ship coming by.

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