1. Hmm, I guess you both, Juha and Carl, never did get your hair coloured at an en vogue coiffeur … 😉
    Might be bleaching, actually.

  2. I think this irritation is what makes the image interesting – and I do like the small mouth of the magazine image model showing just below the drying machinery.

  3. I think it’s interesting how different backgrounds, personalities of the viewers change the approach to the photo.
    My first look was at the hair and the dye, not the machinery, which I know quite well, having spent enough time in my youth getting my hair dyed.
    Though it looks like a big robot’s hand, yes.

    1. Something I experience daily, too: The own socialisation immediately influences the reception of any image, and artwork (and why shouldn’t it, it does so with most probably all our activities)

  4. For me it is the colors that work so well together. The silver car reflection and silver hair dryer (?) robot hand extend the machine look. All that is capped by red, always a compelling color. Wonderful image blending what’s through the glass with the reflections on the glass.

    1. Thanks, Jeff. That was a wonderful walk despite the rain, when I encountered this scenery. Sometimes I really get in a flow, so I don’t remember details of the situation too much, but often there are some keepers in the end.

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