Eyre Street

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Eyre St, Galway, (osm)

Rain doesn’t always have to be drab and grey, and sometimes diagonals really ask for (ab-)usage.


  1. I love this, especially the way the different tones of red in the car roof and reflections are echoed by the reds in the umbrella.

  2. Markus, I appreciate how there is a visual perspective “triangulation” from the red car back to the red umbrella. While you would initially believe the car would grab all the attention the eye is readily pulled back to the lady’s umbrella. Well seen and captured!

  3. Carl, Earl: Thanks! I enjoyed this image the very moment I framed it, and it needed only a minimum of tuning during conversion. I think that strong direction of the diagonals is very helpful in balancing the big red area of the car roof, but of course all would be pointless without the umbrella, gaining much more weight through its matching color than the size would suggest.

    1. Thanks, James! You certainly know the old adage “When luck meets preparation” – it was only a matter of seeing. And that “only” is the significant part of art in photography…

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