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  1. Thanks, John! It was the first time I could get so near to such a small bird – 400mm-e focal length are next to nothing if the subject is so much smaller than a man’s hand.

    1. Eric, for the holidays I decided to burden myself with the 45-200 Panasonic lens, too. Astonishing quality for size and weight (Carl Weese is quite fond of it, just see http://bit.ly/zkl04I), but not my type of everyday tool. It usually stays at home again, as I enjoy so much to have to carry only two handfuls of camera including 3 lenses.

    1. Thanks, Martina! That cute guy was not shy at all and gave me some time to experiment. But a smaller f-stop made the background too distractive, so I am glad that the lens provided good resolution at its biggest aperture (and the image stabilisation compensated for the low light level in the Irish rain)

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