1. Finding good titles is an art in itself…
      Sorry for the captcha annoyances – this seems to have to do with caching an proxy and all that. For the time being I’ve switched them off again, but those spammers are really an annoyance – 20 per day is not rare.

  1. Yes, that’s why I took the easy road: quotes! 😉

    That’s my spam amount, too. Most of the times I am amused about the surrealism … I even did a blog entry about this because I found it funny … until one day a machine sent all the text modules in one spam comment at once … not much creativity …

    1. At the moment it’s just making me angry. Yesterday it maxed out at more than 60 in spite of having activated the bad behaviour plugin (which is incompatible with caching). Really hate them…

  2. That’s the price you pay for fame 😉 – many spam comments.

    No – I do not hate them (I hate phishs – these are making real problems) – and with 20 a day it’s okay to simply glance over them and delete them.

    🙁 now we are talking about spam when instead we should talk about the wonderful photo with its squares of light, the crossing power lines in the upper third, the no parking sign on the road, the trees and bushes, so perfect in their geometrical order. The 6/8 beat.

    1. Now at 80 spams/day and still counting… somebody has too much time and/or server power…

      You are right about the image. It is one of the rare cases where different levels of reality mix, and beyond the suburban tristesse it certainly has a
      humorous aspect

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