Ventry Cemetery

Unnamed Rd, Ventry, (osm)

As an aside: After those holidays, my eldest daughter complained that she must be the whole world’s teenager with the most cemetery visits during her holidays. Oh well…


  1. Like the new look of your blog. It is clean and dignified. Also like the ideal of a “spillover” address. Have greatly enjoyed your Irish photos. Hope there are many more.

    1. Thanks, Jeff! There’s nothing better than a pat on the back at the right time! The Ireland series indeed is huge, and I don’t want to haste: Having a day job also means that I can digest the 2900+ images from those holidays only step by step – and there are quite some keepers in that number.

  2. Markus, that is excellent news that there is a wealth of Irish images to look forward to seeing. Don’t let your day job keep you from doing what you really enjoy.

    1. Jeff, the Ireland photos will come, for sure. There should be enough material in it to create some small web galleries or maybe even a portfolio or book.

        1. I certainly will, Jeff. Maybe it really sells better than my “Batticaloa Fishermen”, whose one and only customer I was myself…
          Most probably I wouldn’t use Blurb again for a new book. Unless they’ve greatly improved their printing quality, they are way behind all dedicated photobook printers.

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