1. Markus, like parts of Scotland we refer to a small stream as a Burn – never a Creek. Sorry for another correction.

    1. Frank, thanks for the correction! When I started this blog, I decided to write in English just to exercise my language skills. So every support is highly welcome.

      Re. the Burn: my wife of course knew it, it was just me for whom it was new. Should have asked her…

    1. Juha, it seems that I had chosen a fine time to visit Ireland: not summer any more and with it less people, but in the transition between summer and fall the vegetation was very beautiful, especially the orange lilies.

  2. Of course I should have commented on the photo. Your English Markus , like your photos, is very good.

  3. This is fine with me, Frank, and thanks for the praise. I take every occasion to learn, being it language or photography (or family management) skills.

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