Irish Mist For The Desktop – October Wallpapers

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Connor Pass, Ireland

The October wallpapers are ready for download from here: A quite foggy affair with some patches of sunlight, adequate for the fall we experience in Europe now.

And, least you ask: I did not add saturation. This is Irish Green, as the sensor saw it and my usual low-saturation workflow transformed it.


  1. That’s a scene I’d have committed to memory. Moments of light like that, as romantic as it might seem, make a strong impression on my mind. Such scenes calm the soul. The image truly shows how much it moved your emotions too. Stunning.

    1. Thanks, Colin! It seems we share a love to such landscapes, in reality as well as in good photographs. When I was physically there, photography itself was only a by-product of the experience, in spite of the many exposures I made – being immersed in quickly traveling mists, having the wind jolt the hood of the anorak, constantly discovering new vistas through quickly opening and closing holes in the clouds was a complete enough experience, and I could not have predicted the photographic results. But routine helped both to create some memorable frames and to keep low the photographic impact on the experience itself.

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