1. The question is, “had YOU been drinking the wine!” I think you might have meant “vine”. Still, your English is many kilometers ahead of my German! Anyway, it’s a very pleasing image.

    1. Thanks, Colin. Sometimes I am simply not concentrated enough. And it means a lot to me that you like the image.

    2. What I really wonder is: does the native speaker hear a difference between vine and wine?
      In German it’s much more easy: Wein is Wein – may it be the liquid or the plant.

  2. LOL – nice one.
    I found some strange gutter installations, too, in the Var – if I find a quote I will post it tonight.

  3. Gutters can be really interesting, maybe someone could do (or has done) a sociological analysis on it. Germans can be really bourgeois on them, depending where you are.

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