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  1. This totally doesn’t chime with the relaxed and chilled attitude these bikes want to communicate (i.e. the marketing wants to communicate – in this respect it’s an interesting sticker).

    1. Martina, quite often I am astonished about the amount of sheer aggressivity in the city – not only Munich, most others seem to be similar. The whole tagging (not all graffiti, just the black felt-pen thing) and scratching etc. seem to come out of such a feeling, venting wherever there’s space, being it on the own bicycle or the neighbours door.

  2. Markus, we are old. This is a shop in Munich. I came back and thought the sticker somehow looked commercial. So I searched for it.

    1. Sigh. Sometimes I forget. Here in Bad Reichenhall I am young, comparatively, when walking through the streets. Had never thought that F******l could be a brand …

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