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  1. Every year I look forward to seeing my first Coltsfoot flower, they are one of the first of the yellow spring flowers that bloom, just before spring really takes hold. They are are like a messenger telling us what is about to happen. I must admit though, to not having noticed the late season leaves like this.

    1. Colin, their early efflorences in spring always have eluded my photographic attempts, most probably because I’ve underestimated the brightness and with it the contrasts of spring sunlight, especially under a clear sky. And black and white here seemed even easier than color, as it allowed to concentrate completely on the shapes and their arrangement in the square.

  2. Very nice b/w shot – something that is so rare on your blog :-). I really like the tonality – even if the emphasis seems to be clearly on the shapes.

    1. Thanks, Martina! For quite some time I had tried to do more in B&W, but was never happy with the results, it simply looked contrived to me. Now that I have relaxed, sometimes it happens to work.
      Re. the tonality: I still haven’t seen it printed. I guess it’s much more difficult to print it well than to render it on screen.

      1. Perhaps it’s the same as with your family “snapshots” – being relaxed and having fun is not the worst attitude for photography.
        Since I have no real knowledge about printing … I guess I would try in a small affordable size with different colour profiles on different papers with the online print shop I use. Just for learning perhaps. I am always joking I will have time for this art when I am retired.
        Internet makes some things easier – rendering of photos for example.

        1. Don’t know if it really makes things easier – personally I’ve to take care not to get too relaxed. Those blacks in the image for example: I am quite sure that I have to do something with them, most probably getting some details back. On the screen the quite high contrast doesn’t look too bad, but I fear on paper it will. When I was young I had my own b&w lab, and in spite of my photography having improved over the decades, good printing has not at the same pace. Yes, when I’ll be retired, then… (similar thinking here)

          1. Just had a look again at the blacks – but yes, what can one say looking at this on the screen?

            I would give it a try … perhaps it’s time for a print swap? 😀

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