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  1. Very good, I’ve not heard that one before! I take it that you understand the Englishman’s obsession with telling jokes about the Irish? You have been fortunate with the weather during this holiday. Ireland, like Scotland, can be very wet.

    1. Colin, I take it for a good sign that the old animosity has settled down to the jokes level… My experience was, that the Irish are still quite patriotic, for example showing an extra subtotal of the irish goods in your groceries shopping.
      Weather-wise we saw all facets, substantial rain and wind as well as blue sky, and I have to say that I enjoyed it thoroughly, much more than the always blue sky you encounter in the mediterranean countries during summer.

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time in Ireland with the narrowest roads in the Western world. It is a visual wonderland. You’ve done a fine job capturing some of it. Will we see more of your photos from the Emerald Isle?

    1. Jeff, there’s a boatload of pictures from Ireland ahead, just stay tuned! I have to say that I am still enthusiastic about my time there. So many aspects, visual, cultural, temperature-wise, and not to forget the food and the drinks…

  3. That was a hilarious joke. I’d never heard it before. I had to Tweet that one! That got me a good belly laugh! 😀

    1. Paul, I am glad you like it! I too had a good laugh when I read it first, and another one when I saw the Heineken ad. Too bad that there was no BMW below it, but these are really rare in Ireland.

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