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    1. Well, Juha, the Irish landscape is more than generous with harmonies. Just the humans sometimes won’t fit in – but this is nothing fundamentally new.

    1. Thanks, Jeff! They enjoyed it very much (so did I), and for the whole time up there I never heard a single “this is boring” comment.

    1. James, Ireland can easily provide such magic moments. Maybe worth a try – complementing Provence sun with Irish rain. May/June should be gorgeous, when lilies and iris are in full bloom.

    1. Thanks, Martha! The kids did enjoy the wind very much, especially after those curvy roads we had to take to reach Connor Pass

  1. Couldn’t help but chime in with all the others on this one Markus, what a cool photograph. My first impression was a group of skydivers getting ready to jump off a cliff. There’s a tremendous sense of motion in the image.

    1. Mike, thanks – while I was exploring clouds and landscape through the viewfinder, the kids had searched for their own adventures – and I almost came too late to enjoy their flight show.

    1. John, thanks for the compliment! I am still working on this image to get it print ready – the contrasts of rocks and sun are quite high.

  2. Sigh – everyone has said everything already … just one thing I think I have said before – be it either in comments or in email. The photos of your’s that stick longest in my memory and that I often come back to where the ones with your girls. Cool – like Carl had said.

    1. … and I never took the “family snaps” really serious. Strange.

      (BTW, not all of them are mine. Encroachment had happened there.)

      1. As long as you took the right number back home … 😉

        Not so strange in my opinion – not so serious snaps can often be very true.

        1. Certainly true. And as my ladies prefer to pout when they see the lens, I have to take it easy. All effort would be in vain 🙁

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