Slea Head, Dingle, (osm)

A very friendly Irish lady told me that she used the expression “Dubai Day” for a day as warm as that one: At least one of her kids worked in Dubai, “where they never cared about the weather”, and blue sky and warm sunlight was the norm. In Ireland it’s definitely not, but such Dubai days do occur and are cherished by all.

On a side note: Internet is still shaky, and I do type this having placed the laptop on the window sill above the kitchen sink, as there the connection is best. At least it’s better than to have to use the bathroom, as Tyler Monson had to do in Prague (if I remember correctly).

Dubai Day


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    1. Michael, the Dingle peninsula has wonderful steep rocky shores, and that day the light was just perfect for my purposes. The only awful mistake I made was to not thoroughly reset and set my newly bought pre-loved camera body, so I only have a jpg of this and some other images.

  1. Lovely shot, Markus. Just make sure that you don’t keep any water in the sink while you’re surfing the ‘net. You wouldn’t want to get too excited and dunk your laptop. 😀

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