Time For A Change

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Wilsonova, Prague, (osm)

Prague has given me an astonishing amount of images, but now it’s time for a change. Stay tuned.


  1. With the Euro these money exchanges may not do much business and become relics of the past. Your photo has a classic feel to it.

    1. Jeff, that whole old train station felt a bit out of time as all local touristic traffic used the modern train station only meters away. In a certain sense it’s a pity that they didn’t manage to integrate that wonderful old building into the system.

      1. Your photos do show it as a wonderful building complete with a sense of elegance and grace from the 19th Century. Sad that modern trains do not use it, as you say. Perhaps that will change as tourism increases?

        1. Click to enlarge: [f/6.3, 1/50 sec, 28mm-e, ISO 1600, DMC-G3]Jeff, the new station in fact is just meters away in a building connected to the old hall – just see the image to the right! Using the old hall for example for tourist information and a stylish cafe for example could be a perfect first step.

  2. I’ve enjoy your images from Prague and have added it to my “bucket list” of places I’d like to visit. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Earl, I am glad you enjoyed the images. Traveling to Prague is a wonderful thing, especially when you manage to stay out of peak season. Prague has a little bit of that morbidity that Venice shows so intensely, and both of them give an excellent feeling of the centuries they have lived through.

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