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  1. Interesting wall decorations .. hm … I don’t think I would like to work in these surroundings … everyone seeing the clutter on my desk … but I definitely have better taste in photos that I hang on my walls 😉

    1. Martina, from your words I guess that you lack a certain exhibitionist inclination… People *are* happy if everybody can see them poking their finger up their nose – just look at those reality TV shows.

      1. Right now we are building an annex for our department and of course during the planning we talked about exactly these things: do we want glass walls? Windows from bottom to top?
        Nobody wanted these. But I guess is not that often that one gets asked …

    1. Juha, I feel the same about that kind of sitting in a display window. But the building is new and it was most probably planned that way.

  2. A little too modern for my taste but then anything with walls, even glass walls, would work for me.

    I worked for 18 years in an open office concept where 80+ desks shared one big room…not even partitions. They thought this concept promoted communications…my experience doesn’t support that. 🙂

    The glass in this case does make a wonderful photo.

    1. Office design certainly undergoes changes with the prevalent paradigms – from single rooms to cubicles to open plan offices and back again. I’d guess there are pros and cons for every concept, but for myself I am glad to work in a room for too and no zoo-like exposition.

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