Fondamenta Carlo Goldoni, Venice, (osm)

Staying away from clichées is a difficult task for a photographer in Venice. Therefore I stuck with those gondola parts and managed to capture only a partial color palette instead of the usual gaudy scenery.

Gondola Parts


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  1. I’m enjoying this series very much. In fact, I borrowed from library a crime novel by Donna Leon because of these photographs. Venice is rather special, and the Leon novel even includes phrases spoken in veneziano.

    1. Ah yes, I too have read many of the Donna Leon crime novels. Easy to read even in English, and nicely interspersed with facets of Italian or Venetian life, (not so right-wing) politics and – food! If you like Leon’s novels, Andrea Camillieri’s Commissario Montalbano novels might suit you, too.

  2. Montalbano is good, I have read a couple of his novels translated into Finnish. And I have just reserved from library the novel “The Potter’s Field” (Il campo del vasaio), which got a couple of weeks ago the 2012 CWA International Dagger prize.

    By the way, the Donna Leon book I just read, “Through a glass, darkly”, discussed environmental matters, namely toxic waste dumped into the Venetian lagoon, in a rather believable manner.

    1. I read “Through a glass, darkly” some years ago. Her method of including contemporary topics, being it environment related crimes, human trafficking, drugs or pedophilia, into her stories in a very credible way – and a rather dry, not at all extroverted style – is one of the reasons why I have put all the Brunettis on my reading list. In German TV they showed film adaptions of some of the novels, but they were so incredibly bad in comparison of the books, that even the pictures of Venice could not convince me to have more than a short look.

  3. I made a reservation at the library of the first Donna Leon book, maybe I’ll read the series now that I got into it.

    I’m no longer watching tv, and even when I still watched I didn’t follow many tv adaptations of crime novels. Morse was good as a tv series, and fortunately the books are a bit different, there Morse is quite not so polished as on tv. I think there is also a tv series about Montalbano, but luckily I never had a look at it, or Brunetti neither. Of Swedish crime novels I liked the Beck tv adaptations, but there also is a big difference to the original books.

    1. Well, screen adaptations of good books in my opinion only very rarely can match the reading experience. Original TV or movie series like “Monk” are completely different beasts.

      But like you I’ve basically given up watching TV, with the notable but rare exception of (political) cabaret. The rest is usually not worth the time you have to spend on it.

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