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Nerudova, Prague, (osm)

It was an unusual place, and I have quite some experience with cafés. And yes, they did serve tea, too.


  1. I recognize the painting from the teahouse on Nerudova. It was used in the filming of the movie Amadeus…as a wig shop. Did you try their Boiling Communist Tea? It’s red and has vodka in it.

    1. Now – I am really baffled: You hit the nail right on the head! And of course you know who’s the painter…

  2. No…I don’t know who the artist is. It looks a bit like Bill Turner’s work (I have two of his prints) but I doubt he did it. Who?

    We ordered the tea because it sounded funny….

    1. Martha, the painter’s name is Petr Sis. He emigrated to the U.S. during the cold war and now mainly lives in New York. The café belongs to his brother.

      1. Thanks for identifying the artist. I’ve always loved that painting and enjoy the unusual art all over Prague—in fact, all across the Czech Republic.

        1. I knew Petr Sis from his book illustrations – “The Red Box” I bought years ago for my kids, but it’s at least as much for adults as it is for children. Wonderful images, full of imagination, but lacking all that childishly overdone sauce that now is sold as “phantasy”.

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