1. Definitely a find. This is the sort of shot where some folks want to hear that you spotted the wall and tree and red spot and returned again and again to try to be there for just the right relationship between the shadow and the dot. Me, I’d be more impressed to learn that you walked in cold, realized what was there, made the shot in three seconds, and moved on. That’s where the heart of it lies, for me.

    1. Ha, just imagine the headline, Carl: “Headmaster’s Husband Caught Vandalizing Wall”. My wife might have filed for divorce…

      No, I really found it when cycling with the family to a swimming lake – as usual I was last and took my time, but as I don’t swim in 12° cold water, this was no disadvantage. I have passed that spot often, but only this time the sun was in the perfect position for that shadow.

      Oh yes, and here the G3 shines: Due to its size it becomes just normal inventory of my bag, and the viewfinder allows the usage even in bright light.

  2. Nice one – the framing is perfect. And my imagination tries to draw a clown’s face around the red nose spot … can’t help it 🙂

  3. It is perfect framing, an adjusted Japanese flag as Szarkowski would say. I love pictures that the photographer found by being somewhere with open alert eyes. Well done.

    1. Thanks, James. As I have not enough time and energy at the moment to plan and implement a coherent “body of work”, I resort to the joy of learning to see (and frame).

          1. But .. BUT .. we have the freedom of resorting to the joy of learning to see! 🙂

            And of course I am mainly talking about myself and my incoherent body of work … sigh.

            Best thing would be to be a retired photographer … paradise … 😉

            1. Retirement. I didn’t dare to write this. Maybe early retirement… with a golden handshake… Being able to buy the monochrome Leica…

  4. As a retired photographer…in paradise…I concur. Having the time to look and wait and look some more is a gift. The press of time is eased.

    Wait to see how the Leica Monochrom does and then hope that Panasonic makes a G5B&W. What a camera that would be! :-}

    1. Yes, James, when I see your posts from Florida, I certainly feel some envy… On the other hand, probably all stages of life have some constraints, and so is it with the Leica. I doubt that my images would be distinctably better with a more expensive tool. Vision and experience and “being there” most probably counts more, especially now, as so many cameras are better than good enough at least for non-professional purposes.
      Returning to three primes made me learn a lot through the last 5 months, however I am not overly dogmatic about that. With B&W my problem is, that in spite of having started with Pan-F and the like, at the moment I don’t see black and white. Maybe it needs a positive decision to look at all images from the raw converter only in b&w, and then slowly approaching that kind of vision.

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