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Vodickova, Prague

On my strolls a bit away of the touristic maelstrom of Prague I found a small café not only with wonderful organic coffee but also a fine collection of photographs on the wall in the first floor. Nota bene the Thonet chairs at the formica tables.


  1. Formica what, table…? Formica is a six-legged small invertebrate, usually known as “ant”! 😉

    Seems as if you’re really enjoying Prague…

    1. Thomas, at least dict.leo.org suggested “formica” as a translation for “Resopal”…

      Oh yes, and Prague was fine: the conference brought some progress (it’s part of a project using aerial photography to identify heat emittting hotspots of the roof landscape of city quarters in order to direct energetic sanitation to the most efficient places) and Prague – well, a wonderful old city, with parts flooded by binge drinking tourists, but many many others just quiet and beautiful!

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