Away From Imperial&Royal Coffee Culture

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Sumerau, Austrian/Czech border

Leaving Austria by train yesterday was immediately visible and palpable. No “Kleiner Brauner” or “Verlängerter” any more, instead a styrofoam cup with Nescafé.


  1. It takes a cup of instant Nescafe to make us appreciate good coffee. But then, as Tyler points out, it is better than no coffee. Interesting Prague photos.

  2. No, no.

    On Czech trains—I love ’em—forget the coffee and drink Czech beer!

    Ever so much better for both body and spirit.

    Nescafé—ugh! Won’t touch the stuff.


    1. Tyler, I had to save my beer thirst for later. As municipal officials, we are obliged to use public transport, and when you don’t speak the language and have to go somewhere in the suburbs, that can be challenging. I was lucky that my ticket wasn’t checked, as all my questioning in the end only led me to buy the wrong one.

      1. Haha – exactly what I would have taken a picture of, too. Very nice. I like the symmetry. And the photo per se, 🙂

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