1. I returned here twice before this, thinking that I should comment but not knowing how.

    What I’m wondering about is the title and the photograph, how they fit together. Is is about the photographer, about the subject, or about the context of the subject. 😉

    But ADHD is really a curse, and escaping it seems to be impossible in the world we live in. Doing one right thing right – knowing what is the right thing to do – instead of doing a lot of wrong things wrongly (as is typical of ADHD) would be splendid.

    Anyway, this is rather offtopic concerning the photograph, which seems to be done right, or at least wrong in the right way.

    1. Juha, that title was a quite spontaneous decision, and the impulse for me came from that garish neon, shrieking for attention, not allowing to discern, demanding immediate reaction – somewhat similar to ADHD formed behaviour.

      Finding a title for a photograph is always difficult for me. You have taken a good decision with your poem quotes. Sometimes I have thought about eliminating titles in my blog alltogether (Tyler Monson of Original Refrigerator Artdoes that), but this I think is too sparse, even for my down-to-earth style.

  2. Well, it is a good title, and a good topic.

    I’m bad at making titles to photographs or postings, and thus I search for poems with certain words in them, and sometimes lines from these poems do fit the photograph rather well.

    1. Juha, poetry and some (especially your) kind of photography are certainly connected. They tell more than the words or the subject matter itself is about.

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