1. Strangely (okay, James would say it’s not that strange at all) just this afternoon I saw one of these poles and thought how much they look like trees after some years … and I decided against taking a photo > bad light)

    1. In a dense forest like this, these poles have a certain surprise effect: standing near, one doesn’t immediately see the power line, just a vertical structure without bark, and so it takes a moment to recognize what it is.

      1. The one I saw on Thursday was even without the power lines, only the number sign left. I still find it strange, thinking about this and coming home and seeing your photo.

  2. Markus, this is a tree masquerading as a power pole, or perhaps it is the other way around. Or it’s just a naked tree. Interesting contrast.

    1. Jeff, it was this surprise in the repetition of the verticals, somewhat vexating, that made me press the shutter her. Glad that you like it.

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