Tramway Approaching

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The relative darkness of the half-underground railway station spares you the most ugly magenta I’ve ever seen a tramway painted in – completely (at least only the outside). This is part of the sponsoring the local public transport company has with one of it’s sponsors, the Deutsche Telekom. Whilst I understand that emptied public budgets need relief in every possible way, I still would hope that it could be done in a not so obtrusive manner.


  1. The reflections in this photo are what most people would never see while in the situation… their minds just filter it out… but these juxtapositions make interesting pictures that people DO see when they view the photo.

    1. I guess this is one of the big goals of photography: making things visible – not only by technical means, which have greatly expanded our knowledge by “enhancing” our eyes, but also by isolating a time and place and light slice out of the continous streem and feeding it back in our visual system.

  2. Layers upon layers upon layers… for some reason it was very hard to grasp the photograph, I really had to take some time to study it. A fine one!

    1. Thanks, Juha. The time frame to create the image was quite short, even the next frame was not working any more – I was lucky that I could grasp what I was more sensing than completely seeing.

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