1. Hui.
    So S is a Schieber (gate valve?) and SS is a Streckenschieber (a kind of long distance gate valve *g*). Since the first number is the inside diameter in mm both have a 40mm diameter (hmmm … strange, eh?) 3.6m and 3.8m straight ahead and the second one 1.05m to the left.
    But really? Green? And 40mm diameter?
    Nowadays green means sewage .. but in this case?
    A beer pipeline (since we are in Bavaria :-P)
    I bet this is a brewery …
    And: nice photo!

    1. Chapeau – that was really fast!

      The solution is: Soleleitung – Brine Pipeline! Quite old this one, with predecessors back to the beginning of the 17th century. Yes, pipelines were not invented in Texas, but here in Bavaria, for the money-makers of the kings (or neighbouring bishops).

      1. SOLE! Of course. Bad Reichenhall.
        I would have never thought of that.
        This is so interesting. Who would have thought there are even signs for that?
        This is clearly the best and most interesting info sign photo so far.
        I well never beat that – not even with my 800mm DN sign … 😉 But really? I don’t want to. Congrats!

        1. Martina, wait till you discover a sign for a discarded-carnival-jokes pipeline. Well possible in Mainz 😉

    1. Juha, I am convinced the combination makes it – having trash containers so perfectly aligned in an old industrial environment certainly is somewhat contrasty.

    1. John, that situation again convinced me that I should always believe in impossible opportunities: a short walk with unwilling kids, just to get them into fresh air at the end of a mostly rainy weekend – certainly not promising, but successful in the end.

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