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  1. I suppose this was a business trip?

    Okay, this was a really really bad comment. I know. Sorry. Couldn’t resist … 😛

    1. Martina, don’t hide the envy! I can live with that, really!

      In reality it was a getaway from too much family, walking alone and treating myself to all that weird, decaying, incomprehensible for most non-photographers beauties (not those on the ‘traffic’ sign, of course.)

        1. No, no, no: I allowed the best-suited lady to marry me (in Bavaria, marriage is something passive, ‘zu erduldendes’, from the perspective the husband) and followed her to her hometown, which is barely 20km away from Salzburg. And sometimes now I make use of this proximity.

          Thanks for the hint to Kirk Tuck’s post: Interesting read, and whilst hunting alone can become tedious (once I stayed 20 days in Colombo without any accompagnying colleague), in terms of results it is certainly worth it.

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