1. A wonderful photo, so very much balanced. In colour as well in framing.
    Do you now what kind of plant this is?
    I like the correspondence of the really small satellite dish with the (forgotten?) Christmas star in the window beneath the dish.

    1. Martina, judging from bark and petals I am almost sure this is an Update: apple pear tree. In this oldest part of Bad Reichenhall time seems to progress a bit slower, maybe that’s the reason for the forgotten star in the window. Imagine, roughly 70 years back the Catholics here were throwing stones towards the Lutherans…

    1. John, I enjoyed here small town pleasures: only 5 minutes walk from the most ugly 70ies concrete slabs buildings is such a nice quarter with old houses, still in its late stages of intactness, and also with a active group of inhabitants really forming the society part of a quarter. Something like that is rare nowadays.

  2. As far as I can tell that is a very old espalier. Pears do not grow very fast and training them slows even that pace. It is a lovely photo, with the dish a perfect little counterpoint.

    1. James, you are right: this tree probably is many decades old, I guess 30+ years. The owners of the house certainly cherish traditional values over a pure neat look of their house.

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