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Schwanthalerhöhe, Munich

With all this xenophobic hysteria around, I was reminded of Sting’s “Russians”. At least outside of Germany you should be able to see it on youtube.


  1. Markus, it looks like the video has been taken down for copyright issues.

    That’s the real power of terrorism and over reacting to it — it injects fear and hate into society often causing irreversible damage.

  2. Earl, James, Stephen: Here are at least the lyrics from Sting’s own site, so there should be no Intellectual Property problem: http://www.sting.com/discography/lyrics/lyric/ltr/R/song/220

    The image is not fully sharp unfortunately, but I like it for its symbolism nonetheless. It’s such a pity that the old mechanism of pointing to a (visibly) different group works as well (or better say bad) as in the beginnings of any culture. In some aspects we have not moved far beyond the most tribal state.

    1. Juha, thanks. Such image occasions don’t offer themselves too often, at least not when being more the type of an ambulatory, strolling photographer like me.

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