1. I always enjoy your work Markus and never fail to follow your posts. Today though, I feel compelled to tell you how wonderful I find this image. We’re heading for Autumn and Winter here (which are only marginally different to our Summers) so it is always a strange sensation to view photos from the other side of the world that are seemingly out of sync with my time-frame but I think that is part of their charm.
    The light here is a delight, a promise of Spring for sure.

    1. Thank you, Cedric! With this image I was lucky, as so often, and it met me in a moment of relief (after a hopefully successful audition of my 11 years old daughter in the Salzburg Mozarteum), and whilst I am mostly unhappy with springtime weather due to my allergies, this scenery was too beautiful to be ignored.
      Your remark about the seasons made me think once again about the sequence of images in my postings. Most often I try to keep in sync with the flow of time here, but this seems to be quite superficial. Given that I myself feel no reluctance to view summer images in cold and grey weather – vice versa it is astonishingly not that simple – there is probably more freedom in sequencing than I have thought of.

  2. Markus, the light pattern reflected makes this very good photo even more special. Real nice. Does she have a “?” on the back of her?

    By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog… I have had the pleasure of visiting English Garden in Munich, and tasted a bier and wurst too. A very nice place and a great city. Hope to return some day.

    1. Thanks, John. You are right, without the reflection that feeling of bright spring light would not be there. When I had passed the shop window an hour before next to the lady, it didn’t look like a picturing opportunity. But on the way back, from some distance, the scenery started to live.
      Re. the “?”: Hard to tell, at least it’s incomplete as I couldn’t find the necessary . on any of the images I took. Maybe it’s just a pattern.

      If you know the English Garden and one of the beergardens, you already may have one of the best experiences possible in Munich! And when you come back and I am around, we might well have a beer together there.

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