1. .. if I hadn’t shout out for a print already … your night photos are so good. The Paulaner, the non places, the Knödlerei – to mention some. Very atmospheric and the lighting is always perfect. Esp. with this one. Hm.

    1. No problem here. I like this image, too, but haven’t seen a print yet. It could be disappointing as I don’t know how that yellow sodium light will translate to a color on paper.

  2. Without exactly knowing why I think it might work out. Depends on the paper of course … and for the same reason (i.e. I don’t know why) I think a smaller format might work better …. in the end: I see a photo and imagine it hanging on my wall … if I can imagine this without trouble, I think it might work.

    1. This is a weak spot of mine: Almost without exception I have to hold the print in my hands to be sure it really works – imagination, especially that change of media is prone to fool me.

      Eric of redskiesatnight.com asked for a print of “Nature Morte, Contemporary”, and I ended up with having 5 prints ordered unless I felt that it was right – and it was not the lab’s fault, but mine. But of course not all images are that tricky.

      1. Okay, this is one I can’t imagine on my livingroom wall – but might be more because of the subject ;-). I like this photo.
        My first thought when seeing this (the bathroom one) photo was: Kodak Metallic Paper.

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