A Landscape I Like

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Vorderbrand, Berchtesgaden

To avoid getting declared a troglodyte, I decided to stop posting night pictures. And here is a landscape that I like even more, now that Spring means warm air contaminated with pollen. Cool, moist, quiet – such a forest (photographed two weeks back) would me my delight now. Add to it the wonderful out-of-focus blur of the Olympus 1,8/45, and you can imagine how happy I was.


  1. Actually, I was enjoying your night work, because, to me, it represented that you were exploring the possibilities available through digital photography, rather than just mimic what had always been done with film cameras.

    Even in today’s post of the trees, you’ve allowed the darker values to dominate in a way that would be very difficult to do in the ‘old way’.

    Cheers, and keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Tyler! In the darker, often broken (in terms of not only catering to one mood, but including an adverse moment, too) images I hope to come nearer to life, when the sugar coating of all the superficial “have fun” people is removed.

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