1. LUJA, SOG E!!! ZEFIX, HALLELUJA!!!

            Hmmmmm, thanks for this … 😀 – I haven’t thought of this for years. I loved this as a child. Of course. Which child doesn’t love cursing grownups?

            1. And my mother didn’t want me to listen to it, because she thought it to rough for a kid’s ears…

              But your Bavarian cursing looks (written) very genuine – amazing!

  1. Oh – this is full-fledged honesty!

    I wouldn’t have discovered it, as I almost never read comments on such sites – the comments even on serious newspaper sites are all too often reason to cringe, to say the least.

    1. Yes, they are indeed.

      But really? I hoped some Bavarian might have quoted this famous sentence … and I guess I was right, 😉

      1. The “E” in “SOG E” is an unmistakable sign of a native speaker, probably of lower to middle class Munich-North origin, if I dare to say so. Nobody north of Freising would probably pronounce it like this, not to talk about writing. :))

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