Chestnut Booth

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Munich, Bavaria

The snowfall that decorated the booth in this picture happened already last week. Together with the following frost it substantially slowed down street life in the center of Munich, to the extent that the street vendors closed some of their outlets because only smallest numbers of visitors wanted to stop and buy some food in that excessive cold.


  1. Still that cold at your place? We’re already up to almost 10 degrees (plus).

    I really enjoy your current “red and gray” phase. It’s always nice to see how you discover the pivotal blotch(es) of warm color in the mouse-gray concrete.

  2. Temperatures are rising here, too – and hazelnut and the like start dispersing their pollen. I am wishing for those large Finnish wood harvesters, sucking in first hazel, then birches, then…

    I am still hopeful that desensitisation might work as promised, but with the first itch in the eyes my realistic pessimism comes through.

    In that context maybe images like my gritty “Urban Shrub” develop. As I can’t travel currently, I work to see my images wherever I am.

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